Löwenherz Children’s Hospice

The Löwenherz Children’s and Young People’s Hospice in Syke near Bremen accepts children as well as teenagers and young adults with a terminal condition, for whom there is no cure according to the current state of technology. Both houses have eight nursing rooms each for the sick children and teenagers as well as rooms for parents and siblings. About 250 families can be guests here every year. In addition, the association offers outpatient children’s hospice services in Bremen and Braunschweig to provide help and support for families. In Lower Saxony, “Löwenherz” cooperates with 24 hospice associations and trains volunteers in outpatient children’s hospice work.


What does this project have to do with BPM and why is it so important to us?

In 2011 our senior partner Ruth Gribbe died of pancreatic cancer. Her last wish was to support the Löwenherz children’s and youth hospice in Syke instead of a funeral with flowers. Since then, we have made it our mission to support the hospice with an annual donation.

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Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V.


The Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V. was founded in 1967.


From its’ beginnings in the start-up phase as a small group with the admission of 13 children with disabilities developed in the following years into a diversified care and support program for children, young people and adults with disabilities based in the district of Cloppenburg.


Today, the Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V. offers about 1,200 inpatient, day-care places and 800 outpatient places in its more than 40 facilities.


The association and its affiliated companies employ over 800 staff. The Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V. emerged from a citizens’ initiative. The executive committee, the administrative board and the members are citizens from the district of Cloppenburg who want to help people with disabilities to receive help, training, work and housing and so be freed from their isolation.


It would have been impossible to set up the facilities of the Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V. would not have been possible without the excellent willingness of people to donate and the payment system that was being developed then. This enables the essential personal contributions made by the Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V. to be used.


What does this project have to do with BPM and why is it so important to us?

For a number of years now we have been awarding certain contracts to workshops for the disabled in Altenoythe. We supply them with various packaging materials that have to be manually separated, such as plastic meat trays with non-woven material. The employees separate the non-woven material from the plastic and we recycle the plastic for reprocessing purposes.  Yoghurt pots with a cardboard sleeve are also separated by hand there. These jobs are very popular

because they are considered to be quiet and safe.

To the Altenoythe Caritas Association e.V.