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OUR EXPERIENCE IS YOUR SUCCESS Peter Gribbe (1938) Company founder. After training as a plumber and coppersmith and many years of being self-employed in this field, Mr. Gribbe moved to Northern Germany with his family. After working for a long time in the purchasing department of a large steel trading company in Wilhelmshaven, he went into business for himself in Bösel and started buying up and processing plastic production residues and then selling the regrind. Over the years, the first regranulating plant was added, which set the course that the company is following today. Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe (1976) Managing Partner After studying Business Administration at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Ms Kötter-Gribbe spent the first few years working in a Swiss management consultancy before taking over the management of the company. Under her leadership, the company developed steadily from a family business into a recognized medium-sized company in Oldenburg's Münsterland region and became known beyond its borders. Sebastian Kötter (1982) Purchasing/Sales/Quality Control After training as a tax consultant, Mr. Kötter worked for several years in the private sector before assuming responsibility for Purchasing and Sales. He is also the link between Production and Management, he is planning new production lines and is responsible for upcoming construction projects.

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Stephanie Kötter-Gribbe

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As a business economist, she has been running the company for more than 20 years. In addition to English, she is also fluent in French and Spanish.

Sebastian kötter

Buy and Sell
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The trained tax derk worked in the private sector before taking responsibility for purchasing and sales at BPM. He planst he production lines as an interface between production and management.

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Tidy bookkeeping is her daily business. She always works correctly, numbers are her passion.

Madleen Grobe

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Our heroine in backoffice & customer service. Master data management is her daily business.


Excel, Word, Outlook, dealing with customers and suppliers. Our trainees will learn all of this from the bottom up, during their 3-year apprenticeship as industrial clerks.

Martin Brüggemann

IT Administrator
  • Telefon+49 (0) 4494-1555
  • Fax+49 (0) 4494 -8327
  • Mail
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Our man for bits and bytes.
Responsible for Industry 4.0 and digital transformation. Ther is no such thing as impossible.

Angelika Eilers

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The good soul in the compony. For many years she has been doing all the work in the back office quickly, in a structured and reliable manner.

Waldemar Fischer

Production Manager

The focal point at BPM is Waldemar. As Head of Production, he has an overview.

Tobias Ziegler

Technical Manager

Our car mechanic master Tobi takes care of the repair and maintenance of our entire production facilities. Nothing is impossible for him, he knows everything.


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