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Refined materials

BPM disposes of plastic production waste: We process the sorted waste from manufacturers of films and packaging, from suppliers to the automotive industry and many more into refined materials.

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The quality of our granulates is almost as good as pure new material. In addition to conventional granulates, we produce two of products that are unique to us: BPM styrene and BPM propylene.

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Pay-as-you-go grinding

We pick up your plastic waste, grind or regrind it and deliver it back to you. This means that you can recycle production waste "immediately" into your ongoing production.

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To meet individual customer criteria, we develop products with special features according to your specific requirements, which are also put through all of our quality inspections.

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BPM develops, produces and markets high-quality industrial regranulates and compounds for extrusion and injection moulding applications. We are one of Europe's leading suppliers in the polypropylene and polystyrene sectors.


BPM works with a certified quality management system: All of our processes and products continuously monitored from development to production using state-of-the-art technology – including our own laboratory.

Our aim is to develop technically flawless solutions for our customers’ products and to produce these efficiently and economically.

• Use of guaranteed high-quality raw materials
• Uniform quality within individual production batches
• Typed own programs
• Standard types available from stock
• Experienced quality assurance compliant with ISO 90001
• Resource-saving production compliant with ISO 50001
• Bimsch approved
• Recycler certificate
• European Plastic Recyclers